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The master is enriched by PERMANENT TRAINING

If you are already burned

  • You will be able to participate in courses and congresses at a
  • reduced cost or free of charge You will have the opportunity to participate in lessons of the
  • Master of new methods not present in previous courses You can request to deepen,
  • on specific methods, in the studios of our teachers We will help you to
  • introduce individual or group congress work on behalf of the Master You will
  • take free courses on how to do
  • research and set up a congress presentation You
  • will be able to participate in Convivial events of the Master You will be able to buy drugs and equipment at discounted prices You will be helped with insurance, legal practices, etc.


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News on the Master

01 July, 2019

Conference for the presentation of the Master


Edition Wednesday \ u00ec 15 July, the program of the Master in Aesthetic Medicine will be presented. Prof. D'Andrea and Prof. Abbruzzese will speak. It is preferable to book admission

July 12, 2019The

new frontiers of Aesthetic Medicine Taken
from the Morning


IV Edition of the Master in Aesthetic Medicine at the University of Naples begins. A very valid Master that, in addition to qualifying the profession of Aesthetic Medicine, will allow you to the new techniques and all


developments of Aesthetic Medicine. \ u200bThe President of the Master, Prof. Francesco D'Andrea, tells us everything that will be possible to do.

07 July, 2019Credit

ECM credits To

able to accredit the ECM related to the Master in Aesthetic Medicine just connect to the website www.agenas.com and log in. This year 120 ECM credits

have been recognized. For more information, contact us here