2020 by Master in Aesthetic Medicine.

 Level Master
in Aesthetic Medicine


2nd level University Master in Aesthetic Medicine in Naples

Federico II University of Naples

Director: Prof. Francesco D'Andrea

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D’Andrea:«Regole per i corsi»
Stampa, Master Medicina Estetica, Sanitàinformazione,

D’Andrea:«Regole per i corsi»


2020-12-07 15:38

la mancanza di un regolamento generale che ne indichi requisiti e caratteristiche omogenee da calare poi sulle singole Università.

Master in Medicina Estetica

Master in Medicina Estetica


2020-11-08 23:00

l Master prevede un percorso formativo intensivo di tipo teorico e pratico, della durata di 2 anni

Medicina Estetica: Novità
Stampa, Master Medicina Estetica, Il Mattino,

Medicina Estetica: Novità


2019-07-12 00:00

Inizia la IV Edizione del Master in Medicina Estetica presso l'Università di Napoli.

ECM Master Medicina Estetica
Segreteria, ECM, Master Medicina Estetica, Crediti, Agenas,

ECM Master Medicina Estetica


2019-07-03 16:27

Il Master in Medicina Estetica: Quest'anno sono stati riconosciuti 120 Crediti ECM.

Work as a passion

We are looking for true fans of Aesthetic Medicine. Our field is constantly evolving. Being always up-to-date is truly a ' MUST 'of the Aesthetic Medicine profession. That's why a lot of PASSION is always required. , CONCENTRATION and
STUDY. How many times have you been fascinated by Laser, Ultrasonic, With High Frequency Current technologies? From today you can understand their mechanisms, the physical principles that regulate their functioning and thus the

application will become METHOD. capable of sculpting your David by holding a syringe and putting all your
knowledge to work? In short, we are looking for people who put PASSION into their work. Our discipline in fact requires a great sense of Ethics to recognize a feasible treatment from an excessive one. called to be strict and rigorous, beauty is a SERIOUS thing!